your fencing companion

Guaranteeing than your livestock fence is always powered

Easy and ready to use

Simply sticked to your livestock fence

Martin is a smart solution to monitor the livestock fences and alert the farmer with a SMS when it detects a default. Martin is also monitoring temperature to prevent livestocks to be exposed to icy conditions.

Martin is easy to install on an existing fence : you don’t have to cut the wire, just fix it on it. Then is works in full autonomy for more than a Year. Standard AA batteries are easy to change.



How is it work ?

Simply sticked to your livestock fence

With a simple velcro your can attach martin on the livestock fence you wanted to monitor.

In real time Martin warns you when your fence is unpowerd

Directly on your phone with a SMS, an email or you can also connect on the our website with your credentials provided when you buy the device.

Without maintenance

Powered with a long life battery (over one year of autonomy)



Martin is a trademark of IngeniousThings a French company. We're looking for distributors and beta testers to develop this projet. If you are interested, feel free to contact us with this form below.

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